Marc S. Kruza

Having graduated from

Florida State with degrees

in Computer Science and

Music Composition, my interests

range from writing novels to writing

computer programs, and from singing in

church to playing in a local rock band. I

love beaches, mountains, surfing

and hiking, and writing about

them. I'd love to find a way

to put my talents to work

for you!


Me, Myself and I'm Lost
What's more dangerous: asteroids and space aliens, or swirlies and high school punks? Join Matt, an up-and-coming graphic artist, as he navigates his own coming-of-age freshman year universe while relating in his sketchbook just how much high school feels like a dystopian space prison in which there are no rules, no order, and no friends.
Staying By His Side
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This is an essay I wrote recounting a fun yet unexpectedly scary day with my grandpa at Busch Gardens, appeared in Chicken Soup For The Soul Just For PreteensⒸ, an anthology of encouraging stories about that tumultuous time of youth.


Charleston Daily: What do you want your readers to take away from your novel?
Marc S. Kruza: Adolescence is only a temporary condition. Asking for help in times of severe psychological stress is a sign of strength, not weakness.
There's more to Hawaii than luaus and waves... how about four days of backpacking through the Garden of Eden?
When your car breaks down on the drive home for Christmas, do you: call your pilot friend and have him fly you home, learn that "FORD" stands for "found on roadside dead," call a AAA towtruck, or "all of the above?"